Private Label Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers 

-Thinking of having your own private label product?

-Do you have an idea for a new product?

-Need to know how to get started?

-Want to know costs?

-What are the minimum quantities?


Kustomer Kinetics…

is a full-service CONTRACT PACKAGING and FILLING FACILITY and manufacturer for cosmetic and health care products that has been in business for over twenty years. 

We can assist you from “Concept to Customer” in developing a Private Label Product for a totally new product.

We have our own formulating and filling in-house capabilities, in addition to screen printing for jars and bottles. If you have a name for your product we can even assist you in a trade-mark search and registration.


How do I get started?

Our ten easy steps will give you the answer…

Step 1 … When you come to use with an idea or product you may want formulated or duplicated, we immediately determine if we have the capability to develop it.

Step 2 … If you elect to have us proceed and the product requires extensive research and development time we will promptly let you know. In such a case, we require a $350.00 is credited to your order. If extensive research and develop,went is not required we will waive the deposit. We will then make samples for you to evaluate, and if necessary, provide you bottles and jars for your approval. Once the samples are approved, a quotation is submitted.

Step 3 … To start production we require a 50% deposit with your written purchase order. The deposit is applied to the initial order. Balance of payment is on delivery, or net 30 days with prior credit approval. 

Step 4 … At this time we will need artwork for the screen printing of the bottles or jars. You may want to supply the artwork, or we can assist you. Our graphics charges are approximately $60.00-$90.00.

Step 5 … Once the graphics are received we develop a “Film-Positive” which is required for making the silkscreen for printing on the bottles or jars. There is a “one-time-only” charge of $30.00 for the film. The “one-time-only” charge means that no additional charges are made when the film positive or a silkscreen is used for repeat orders, unless there are changes made in your artwork. 

Step 6 … A silkscreen is made from the film-positive. The “one-time-only” charge is $80.00 per screen, per color. If you have two or more colors in your artwork, then a separate screen must be made for each color. 

Step 7 … The time required from concept to completion depends on how fast you return sample approvals, graphics, etc. to us, as well as availability of materials, such as chemicals, bottles, caps, and other supplies. However, the normal time frame is usually 4-8 weeks, and in some cases even less. 

Step 8 … A material safety data sheet (MSDS) is developed and sent to you to meet with OSHA requirements.

Step 9 … You must notify us of the method you want for us to ship your order. That is, via United Parcel Service (UPS), freight service, etc.? Do you require any special handling, insurance, etc? We attempt to ship via the least expensive carrier unless otherwise notified. 

Step 10 … A guarantee of 100% satisfaction is sent with your order and our letter of “Thanks for your Thoughtfulness” in considering us for your product needs.


We assist you through each and every step from concept to completion. 

If you have any questions please call our toll-free number  (800) 959-1145

or email us at

We look forward to serving you.